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ArabCrunch Network

ArabCrunch.NET (Now in Public Beta) is the first largest and online ...  More

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Yajeel is in Arabic only, and uses Taya IT’s advanced search technologies to provide Arabic ...  More

community arabic content is a free online copetitions website. There are two type of competitions, ...  More

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RoadSharing is totally free new service for Carpooling:

Are you looking for/offering a ...  More



Shoof TV is an Arab video sharing website. Content is user-generated, with videos submitted ...  More

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Watwet is a micro-blogging and social messaging tool to broadcast and share your statuses, ...  More

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D1G is an interactive user-based portal for Arab online users. The portal aims to host Arabs ...  More

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Mo3jam hopes is a central, multilingual knowledgebase of colloquial Arabic, emphasising ease ...  More

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Jeeran is a vibrant web community platform representing the next evolution of social ...  More

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UAE Tweets

UAE tweets is a twitter lens on the UAE. ...  More

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