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ArabCrunch Tech Blog

The first Arabic blog that focus on tech startups, entrepreneurship, social media and mobile ...  More

tech news blog

May 13th 2010


The easiest and quickest way to share videos on Twitter from your phone or computer. Also, ...  More

twitter video web application

May 13th 2010

SokoMena is a central network of online communities in Morocco, Algeria featuring free ...  More

classifieds portal job board

May 13th 2010

Worldwide Worker is the global leader in energy jobs for engineers and professionals, ...  More

classifieds job board

May 13th 2010


Yajeel is in Arabic only, and uses Taya IT’s advanced search technologies to provide Arabic ...  More

community arabic content

Mar 15th 2010


Kngine is a new semantic web search engine and question answering engine that was launched ...  More

search web application

Mar 15th 2010


Fora9 (read ‘Foras’, which means ‘Opportunities’ in Arabic) is a new free online job service ...  More

classifieds job board

Mar 15th 2010


Altibbi is portal that provides a medical dictionary, medical articles and news, as well as ...  More

dictionary medical health

Mar 15th 2010


Shofha is a service, which is available in English and Arabic, allows anyone from anywhere in ...  More

fun entertainment

Mar 15th 2010


Wajhy allows them to create avatars that actually look a bit more like them, and that they ...  More

web application fun

Mar 15th 2010

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